It has been a joy working with Luke. He is a deep and careful listener, who helps you pay attention to your core ideals and purpose. He can also offer prompts and disciplines for better work habits, although he also knows how to go with the flow. He is an ideal guide for someone who is spinning too many plates or trying to pursue ambitious and complex goals. He will help you find some balance and take your real needs seriously.

Simon Duffy, Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform, Sheffield

Luke is a compassionate, caring human being and I felt at ease with him from the start. He helped me see what was important and to distinguish between the idea of my future self, based on social expectations of me and the true sense of what was deeply important to me. This was very liberating.   With Luke’s encouragement I was able to stretch myself, to look for creative outlets, to find things that scared me a little, to push beyond my own boundaries. I joined a choir, started exercising more and expanded my networks.   Luke is a brilliant Integral Coach and I fully recommend that you make an appointment to see him immediately! 

Stanter Kandola, Entrepreneur, West Yorkshire

My conversation with Luke came at a time I felt completely lost and had fallen victim to my harsh inner critic. Luke enabled me to see the light at the end of the tunnel, offering an alternative and more positive narrative for my situation and some useful exercises and activities that might help cement this in my mind. His approach is open and warm, but does not shy away from asking difficult questions, which enabled truly deep work in the short time we had. I still think about our conversation 6 months on, such was the impact it had. Was he in London where I am based, I would not hesitate to work with him on a more regular basis.

Lianna Martin, Social Entrepreneur, London

Luke led a significant organisational design project for me and my senior leadership team. He facilitated a series of workshops that enabled the whole Directorate (then 50 people, split over 3 sites) to contribute both to identifying the opportunities and challenges we faced and to developing potential solutions. He turned these into a series of potential propositions, and facilitated my leadership team's discussion, constructively challenging us where needed. This led to a robust solution, that was well received and withstood the challenges that followed. A really important piece of work for me and the whole team.

Amanda Brooks, Director, Department for International Trade, London

As a development coach, Luke offers a safe and unconstrained space to explore how and why we are the way we are, and how and why we might want to develop. By first developing self-awareness, Luke is able to propose concrete actions for supporting and enabling change. Luke is an open listener, but doesn’t simply echo what he is hearing; he will also challenge your own perception of yourself and of how you fit in to the world. I can recommend Luke without hesitation for anyone interested in exploring their options, already undergoing a period of change or who simply wants to build greater self-awareness.

Sarah Harrison, Civil Servant, Department for Education, Sheffield

Luke is a superb listener and is able to clearly identify the root causes of any issues or concerns. He uses highly reflective questions to encourage clients to investigate triggers and potential areas of difficultly. Luke then offers a range of strategies to help build on clients' existing strengths in order to tackle those issues in a productive and low stress way. Luke is excellent at reading people and does not rush to make an assessment. He is very flexible and will keep supporting clients as together, you identify plans that work. Luke is also very calm, personable and likeable, which makes it very easy to open up and enjoy meaningful discussion. I would highly recommend him as a coach.

Carolyn Hughes, Head of History, Yewlands Academy, Sheffield

Luke is a deeply intelligent and compassionate coach.  His unique insight brings a fresh and deep perspective to a situation. I felt inspired and safe working with Luke.  He has a wonderful sense of humour too.

Jean Peters Allen, Psychotherapist, Coach & Mediator, Jersey

Luke has a special talent for helping people understand themselves and working out their next best steps to success. Luke subtly coached me into realising why I had hit a brick wall in my last role. That understanding led me to find my dream position and a much happier me!

Lisa Clarke, Data Science Manager, Virgin Media Business, Sheffield

My coaching with Luke opened my eyes to different areas of my life and not just work. By looking at myself as a whole I identified how I could handle different situations to gain better outcomes. Luke made me feel relaxed and was easy to talk to. I would definitely recommend his coaching service.

Michelle Brookes, Digital Channel Manager, Santander UK, Leicester

I had reached a crossroads as a Middle Management Early Years Educator where there were challenges for me at work and on a personal level.  With Luke’s guidance, incredible patience and perceptive but challenging questioning, I re-discovered my courage, self-belief and confidence to acknowledge and utilise my strengths and skills.  I have now changed my career path and have set up my own business within the Complementary field, as well as training in another area of Education.  I recommend Luke highly as an Integral Development Coach to anyone who wants to understand their life and behaviour patterns with a view to developing current, new or alternative opportunities.

Christina, Teacher and Early Years Lead, Leicestershire

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