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  • Certified Professional Integral Development Coach, approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF), with Thirdspace

  • Post-graduate certificate in Organisational Design and Development

  • APM (Association of Project Management) Qualification

  • MSc Sustainability


It has been a joy working with Luke. He is a deep and careful listener, who helps you pay attention to your core ideals and purpose.  He is an ideal guide for someone who is spinning too many plates or trying to pursue ambitious and complex goals. 

Luke enabled me to see the light at the end of the tunnel, offering an alternative and more positive narrative for my situation and some useful exercises and activities that might help cement this in my mind. His approach is open and warm, but does not shy away from asking difficult questions, which enabled truly deep work.

Simon Duffy, Director of the Centre for Welfare Reform, Sheffield

Lianna Martin, Social Enterpreneur, London

I think the big question for each of us, is how can we live and work in a way that has us bringing our best to the world.  Or put another way, what really matters to us and how can we reflect this in how we live our lives, the work that we do, the communities we contribute to and the legacy we hope to create? This is the question that led me to coaching during a key career crossroads and that also underpins the work of WindGather.


Before retraining as a coach, I spent over 12 years as a civil servant, working in a range of settings from heading-up ministerial offices, to designing policy, delivering projects, leading teams as well as fostering organisational change and innovation.

Transitioning out of the civil service from 2018, I established WindGather as a vehicle for helping people handle change, so that it becomes less distressing and more productive.  I now draw upon my project design skills and knowledge of how organisations “tick”, to develop bespoke coaching programmes that help organisations to develop whilst supporting the growth of their people. 

Alongside my organisational work, I also have a small number of private clients who are typically navigating the changing world of work, grappling with career questions and re-connecting to their own sense of purpose.

My broad working life has taken in business, the public sector, the third sector and periods living and working abroad, most notably in East Asia and North America. This broad base enables me to relate to a range of people from all walks of life and professions, including those from business, politics, the voluntary sector and education. When you work with me you can expect full engagement, confidentiality, non-judgement, compassion, challenge, and expansive discussions that produce practical direction.

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