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Coaching is increasingly valued as a way of helping employees to pause and reflect amidst the ever-increasing complexity and pace of the workplace. Although traditional L&D interventions have their place, coaching is able to help employees to do the deeper developmental work that can help them to acquire new behaviours and skills and to reflect on how they can enhance their performance and adapt to changing organisational needs.


Combining my analytical and project design skills, understanding of organisational development and lived experience of organisational complexities, WindGather is able to offer end-to-end support around bespoke organisational coaching programmes, drawing on the power of coaching to drive organisational performance. 


This type of programme allows for a consistency of experience for employees through a common model, alignment to organisational objectives whilst also providing participants with a high quality, personalised and confidential experience. 

A bespoke programme includes initial consultation to really understand your needs and the organisational culture and context, overall programme design, research and production of supporting materials such as workbooks, delivery of sessions and liaison with participants, ongoing engagement across the project life-cycle and summaries of insight, evaluation and key learnings at the end of a programme. 


Projects can be scaled and designed according to your unique circumstances. For example, a small pilot can be devised and grown into a larger programme in an iterative way or you may be in a position to commission an organisation wide intervention. For larger projects, I typically assemble and lead a small team of accredited and certified coaches from across my networks. 


Examples of projects include coaching programmes to:

•    support culture change through helping employees to reflect on and develop particular skills and behaviours
•    help leaders reflect on and develop their leadership style
•    empower employees to reflect on and direct their own L&D and support an organisational learning culture 
•    foster behaviours/skills around key organisational development priorities
•    help employees to navigate the psychological impact and practical considerations of organisational change and career transition
I work with different types of organisations and people; from small businesses, to charities to corporates. All receive the same level of care, commitment, professionalism and partnership working. 


If you are interested in exploring how WindGather can help your organisation or team, contact me for a conversation. 


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